TIGER POPULATION NEARLY Growing in Nepal | Congratulation Nepal  

The cabra tracks calculated the existence of the Tigers by human searches It shares with India. It is considered as the most tiger reserve in Nepal    Prior to that, the Tiger census conducted in 2013 indicated that there were 198 Tigers in the country

The country's government has now released the latest report. Accordingly, 235 Tigers cadres have declared lives in Nepal. In the country where 121 Tigers live in 2009, more than twice the tigers live now

The Nepal Tiger

The Nepal Tiger census took place from November 2017 to April 2018. Terai arc 'land area i n Nepal is a landlocked and multicultural

A pledge was made at the summit of the St. Petersburg Tigers. The pledge is that countries with Tigers directives have to double their number in their own countries by 2022. If we go at the same pace, it will be Nepal to fulfill that decision first.

From 2011 to 2018 rhino has never been hunted in the country. Last May, they celebrated it. Presently, another reputation is a gift to the importance of the biodiversity. "Every tiger counts in Nepal is the most important thing to the world," says Dr. Wright, a representative of the country's wildlife conservation agency. Ghana S. Gurung (Dr. Ghana S Gurung).

Leonardo DiCaprio Said About Tigers in Nepal 

Leonardo DiCaprio, actress and ecologist, said, "The number of tigers in Nepal has increased.

If we work together, we can safeguard the world's biodiversity. At that time, it is not even difficult to save them from destruction. Nepal has made it clear to us. 

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